Cardinal Sports Management

Cardinal Sports was established in 1994 to provide services to student-athletes interested in pursuing an athletic scholarship or financial aid package to a post-secondary institution in the United States and Canada. Over the years Cardinal Sports has continuously refined the programs and services it provides to meet the changing needs of athletic programs and academic institutions. We have also expanded the range of clients to which we provide services to include sports leagues, teams and associations. Cardinal Sports prides itself on being the largest recruiting firm in the sport of hockey but continues to expand into other sports by retaining sport specific experts to assist in the talent identification and recruiting process. With offices in Toronto and representatives throughout the United States and Canada, Cardinal Sports continues to expand its reach to identify the most qualified student-athletes to compete at the collegiate level.

Cardinal Sports' mission relating to student-athletes is simple; "Provide student-athletes with the promotional support and career guidance required to achieve their athletic and academic goals."

Cardinal Sports' mission with respect to servicing leagues, teams and associations is clear; "Work in cooperation with the goals of the organization by providing valuable and innovative solutions to advance the development of all participants."

Cardinal Sports is proud of the more than 2000 student-athletes it has assisted in securing scholarships and financial aid packages since its inception. We are equally as proud of the success many of our affiliated leagues, teams and associations have experienced as a result of our association. With a success rate of more than 90% with individual clients and equally impressive accomplishments with organizations, Cardinal Sports is confident it can provide the necessary services to assist you or your organization in reaching all your athletic and academic objectives.

STEVA Sports Software

Originally founded in 2004, STEVA quickly became known in the world of sports as a leader in affordable, feature rich video analysis software for coaches. Known for their exceptional service and easy to use software, STEVA rapidly grew and expanded across 15 countries in over 100 sports leagues servicing minor competitive sports teams' right through to professional teams. With nearly 500 teams and over a 1000 installs, STEVA had quickly become recognized as a proven leader. This notoriety didn't go unnoticed. Soon discussions expanded and Pointstreak Sports Technologies acquired STEVA at the end of 2009.

As the two companies merged operations the creation of Live Publisher was introduced. A unique tool that allows for the automated publishing of video highlights synchronized to scores and stats moments after they happen without any additional human interaction. Scorekeepers, keep score and while they log scores and stats for the game in real-time, the video is automatically published to the web for mobile and personal computers to see. A truly unique automated tool bringing highlights to fans instantaneously.

Plans to merge the activities of Cardinal and STEVA commenced in 2012 with the research and development of a scope document to lay out the roadmap for the creation of a new Pointstreak platform. Project Performance, an innovated online tool that would incorporate video editing tools for coaches and promotional and developmental tools for players. This new platform would amalgamate all of the essential elements of the two divisions into one platform for players and coaches performing in elite level sports who aspire to attain new levels of Performance.